Earrings Chakra Perfect Hoop 14K GF - Assorted Gemstones
Earrings Chakra Perfect Hoop 14K GF - Assorted Gemstones
Earrings Chakra Perfect Hoop 14K GF - Assorted Gemstones
Earrings Chakra Perfect Hoop 14K GF - Assorted Gemstones
Earrings Chakra Perfect Hoop 14K GF - Assorted Gemstones

Earrings Chakra Perfect Hoop 14K GF - Assorted Gemstones

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Earring Perfect Hoop 14K GF - Assorted Colors

Activate your unique style and essence with these beautiful faceted  gemstones on hand forged, hammered "Perfect Hoops."

Available in 14k Gold Fill 

2 cm in diameter


    • Moonstone: Moonstone is deeply connected to the moon and reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change. Known for its psychic properties, moonstone promotes intuition and helps develop clairvoyance. It is a soothing and stabilizing stone that helps balance the hormonal cycle along with the sacral and solar plexus chakras
    • Labradorite: connects you to your higher consciousness; brings light to the wearer and blocks negative energy; stimulates intuition; balances fear and insecuritie
    • Amethyst: helps overcome fears; powerful protective stone that can transmute negative energy into loving energy and enhance intuitive guidance; can be used as a dream stone
    • Amazonite: heals and opens both the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication; assists in manifesting universal love; soothes emotional trauma; alleviates worry and fear
    • Turquoise: Turquoise serves as a protective stone, keeping the wearer from harm and helping to bring about good fortune. It is also a stone with powerful healing properties, and can increase growth and muscular strength, as well as detoxify the body.
    • Citrine: a stone of abundance, teaching us how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and success. It is also a powerful cleanser and regenerator that absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy. Citrine is energizing and highly creative, and can be useful for raising self-esteem and self-confidence, helping to develop a positive attitude.
    • Garnet:  a powerful energizing and replenishing stone that stimulates passion and creativity and improves self-confidence. It is helpful in times of crisis by promoting the courage needed to overcome challenges. Garnet is also associated with love and devotion, and can help stimulate the rise of kundalini energy.
    • Lemon Quartz: a good luck stone, helping to usher in opportunities for abundance. Meditation with lemon quartz will enhance focus on your goals with a clear, bright outlook to manifest your future as you wish it to be. It is also be used to help curb diet-related cravings.
    • Peridot:  a powerful cleansing stone that brings about forgiveness of oneself and dissolves feelings of self-blame. It promotes grace and serenity and enhances prosperity in all areas of life.
    • Apatite: aids in communication and self-expression, leading to knowledge of truth. It is also a powerful stone to use while manifesting or meditating, and is known to raise kundalini energy.
    • Iolite: activates the third eye, enhancing visualization and intuitive insight. It aids in understanding, helping you to express your true self. This stone can also be used to create harmony in relationships.
    • Herkimer diamonds: high energy seekers; they are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy and conduits of universal life force. They are exceptional healing crystals. 
    • Pink Sapphire: This stone is typically a sapphire which is heat treated to give it a coating to make it shiny. They are said to facilitate peace and balance within the physical, mental,and spiritual energies of the body. Sapphires, in all their beauty, have been highly regarded and sought after throughout history, and associated with kings, emperors and Greek gods.
    • Rhodochrosite: helps to attract soul mates; clears solar plexus chakra; helps you to face the truth with loving awareness; encourages a positive attitude; enhances dream states and creativity; can lift depressed moods and bring light into your life
    • Silverite:  said to facilitate peace and balance within the physical, mental, and spiritual energies of the body
    • Peruvian Opal: encourages freedom and independence; enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions; stimulates originality and creativity
    • Mother of pearl: attracts fortune and happiness; symbolizes purity, integrity, and grace
    • Rose quartz: a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace; activates the heart chakra; purifies and opens the heart and helps to attract love; enhances positive affirmations
    •            Water, Sweat, Heat Resistant (No Discolouring or Tarnishing) 

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